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Specialist Adventure Travel company based in Lincolnshire who offers safe, exciting and affordable treks, climbs, expeditions, cycling challenges and charity treks for individuals, charities and corporate clients. Imp Adventures trips include - Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Elbrus, Toubkal, Aconcagua, National Three Peaks, Yorkshire Three Peaks, London to Paris, Hadrian's Wall as well as climbing, trekking and scrambling in the UK and Treks and Expeditions throughout Europe and further afield. 

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Damon holds the International Mountain Leader (IML) award, is a member of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and offers mountain walking and snow shoeing activities within the remit of the IML. He also holds additional qualifications to cover other activities that are outside of the IML remit


British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML)


The British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) is a part of the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA) and looks after the professional interests of International Mountain Leaders in the UK.

UIMLA was derived from a European Union Directive designed to encourage the development of common standards for professional mountain leaders throughout Europe. It was drawn up in recognition of the growing requirement for tour guides to work in areas where the full alpine climbing and teaching skills of a Mountain Guide are not needed but where skilled mountain leadership is necessary for clients to enjoy journeys through remote mountain areas in safety and confidence. The original Directive set out common standards for training, experience and certification of mountain leaders in EU member countries. This grew and expanded to reflect the role of such mountain leaders worldwide, leading to the establishment of UIMLA as an independent body in 2004. Holders of the UIMLA International Mountain Leader’s Award (IMLs) are trained and assessed by member organisations in their own country to a demanding common syllabus.

UIMLA and IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations, represented in the UK by the British Guides Association) are the only internationally recognised mountaineering organisations whose leadership qualifications are accepted outside their country of origin. Mountain professionals wearing the badge and carrying the carnets of these organisations have been trained and assessed to the exacting requirements of the internationally respected qualification these represent.

IMLs operate from the Arctic to the Andes and from Africa to Asia. If you want to guarantee the best available leadership for your hard earned cash then always use a professional. The Internationally recognized badge of the IML is the safest way to ensure you are in safe hands when the going turns bad. To check if your leader is qualified check the BAIML website at 

Mountain Leader Training Association (MLTA)


The Mountain Leader Training Association (MLTA) is the training division of the Mountain Leader Training UK (MLTUK), the National Governing Body (NGB) for climbing and mountaineering award schemes in the UK.

Membership of MLTA is for climbing, walking and mountain leaders who hold or are working towards a national governing body award. MLTUK is the co-coordinating body for all mountain training schemes in the UK, overseeing the training and assessment of around six thousand leaders, instructors and guides.
MLTUK is directly responsible for the Mountaineering Instructor Award (summer), Mountaineering Instructor Certificate (winter) and International Mountain Leader Awards, and works closely with four home nation boards: MLTE (England) MLTNI (Northern Ireland) MLTS (Scotland) and MLTW (Wales) and the Association of British Mountain Guides (BMG), who are responsible for the other awards. Additionally MLTUK has direct links with the mountaineering councils (BMC, MC of I and MC of S), enabling the training schemes to support the needs of the sport as a whole. Finally MLTUK also represents the UK internationally in matters related to mountain training, and works to secure national and international recognition of the awards.

To ensure that you are safely led in your chosen activity in the United Kingdom, ensure your leader is suitably qualified by checking his credentials or by checking the MLTA database on line at 

National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS)


The scheme was launched in 1994 at the Royal Institute of Navigation in London, and since then over 10000 awards have been gained.

Peter Palmer was the founder of the NNAS scheme and its only chairman until 2003, when he passed away at the end of October after a long illness.

Peter was a great visionary, and philosopher. He was a teacher in Stafford for many years before working as the British Orienteering Federation, Director of Coaching.

He had the ability to empower people young and old, and this was demonstrated in his vision to start a junior orienteering squad in the Stafford area many years ago, the youngsters from this developing into world championship level competitors in more recent years.

The NNAS scheme was devised by Peter as a non-competitive, personal performance scheme for all ages, to encourage people to be confident in their navigation in the countryside.

The scheme has been a great success, and with 300 registered providers of courses many people have benefited from the courses being delivered.

The NNAS committee of volunteers administer a syllabus, and database of course providers for personal performance in navigation.

The levels of the Award

All courses include knowledge of safety and access issues when walking in the countryside, as well as an understanding of environmental issues and awareness of impacts.

Bronze NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features, basic map interpretation and compass work is included. Distance 2-5 kilometres

Silver NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using skills acquired at bronze level and adding skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks, accurate compass work is required and an ability to use appropriate navigational techniques to go across country in some cases, eg. choosing an appropriate attack point. Distance 5-8 kilometres

Gold NNAS Award – navigation in the countryside using skills of the first two levels, but adding techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features large and small. Distance 6-10 kilometres
NB: None of these awards are to be used as a leadership qualification of any kind.

Imp Adventures are a recognized provider of Bronze and Silver NNAS courses of instruction and qualification. If you are a Youth Leader, Teacher, or other similar organization and wish to organize a course of training and instruction for your organization, however big or small please email or call to discuss this further.